Helping your Hormones with Homeopathy

During my time in training and practise, I quickly came to realise that most women I meet have some hormonal problems.

Homeopathy is a wonderful system of treatment for hormonal issues, with a number of remedies for problem areas that my patients come with, these include and are not limited to:

  • Irregular Periods

  • Painful Periods

  • Heavy Periods

  • PMS

  • Issues during pregnancy (including fertility, morning sickness)

  • Peri-Menopause

  • Menopause

The remedies that we have in our toolbox for these conditions are highly individual in terms of what person will respond to which remedy. Take period pains (dysmenorrhea) for example, no two women will experience exactly the same symptoms around period pains.

There are two different types of period pain: Primary Dysmenorrhea and Secondary Dysmenorrhea:

  • Primary dysmenorrhea is the medical term for menstrual pain. This usually will start within a few days of the period starting and may continue for the first couple of days.

  • Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by underlying conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids or endometriosis.

There can be a multitude of reasons as to why someone can suffer with menstrual pains. These can include (and are not limited to); family history; history of taking the contraceptive pill; history of taking the morning after pill; emotional trauma; hormone imbalance; postural problems following a trauma to the body; fibroids; a termination; a difficult birth, and diet issues.

Here I have listed some examples of a few remedies that can be used to alleviate acute primary period pains. As always, bear in mind that having a full homeopathic consultation is best so that we can work out the underlying reasons you are suffering with these pains and treat holistically rather than the pains alone. Remedies are useful in acute situations but rarely are conditions such a period pains not part of a bigger picture.

  • Mag Phos: This is perhaps the most commonly used remedy for period pains because it is used when the person is doubled up with cramping pain. The pains tend to come on before for the flow starts and are usually better for use of a hot water bottle or applying pressure to ease the pain.

  • Sabina: Where there are shooting pains that go from the sacrum to pubis and go upwards.

  • Cimicifuga: Where the pains are hip to hip, in the thighs and are worse for the start of the menstrual flow. The greater the flow the more pain there is. The person can become tearful and complain lots. Tremors may also be experienced or pain/stiffness in the shoulders. Can be a common remedy for ladies approaching menopause.

  • Viburnum Op: Where there is cramping and bearing down pains with much gas.

  • Chamomilla: When the pains are labour-like and unbearable making the person intolerant to any help, even though they might complain bitterly about the discomfort. The flow is dark and profuse.

  • Belladonna: When there is restlessness along with sudden, intense throbbing pains that are worse when lying down. The pains are worse on the right-hand side are improved when walking about. The flow tends to be bright red and hot. Sometimes the pains are accompanied by a throbbing headache.

  • Lycopodium: The pains are worse on the right hand side but move to the left. There is much gas and bloating and the pains are better for passing a stool. By mid to late afternoon the patient is extremely tired. Can feel faint from the pain.

If you suffer with period pains the please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you. You can either go ahead and book a consultation with me online or simply book at free exploratory telephone conversation to find out more.