New Exciting Acute On-Line Service, Lock-down Lessons and More....

During this Corona Virus outbreak, I have been truly grateful that I chose to become a homeopath. The fact that our jobs are non-contact means that we have been uniquely placed to continue with our work during this crisis. Whilst many complementary therapies that require hands-on consultations have had to pause during this outbreak, homeopaths continue in their work to offer people treatment.

It also made me hugely aware that many people don’t have access to a homeopath locally, or when they do they might have to wait for an appointment, instead of getting the advice they need in the moment when they most need it.

I am lucky to be part of a network of homeopaths, who I speak with regularly as we continue to develop our knowledge and expertise. It was whilst one of our group explained her own journey with a member of her family having to go and work on the front line as a police officer, that we realised we could be doing more to offer homeopathy to the masses.

The result? A collaboration of all our homeopathic knowledge in one place where you can book in for an online 15-20 minute consultation for any acute condition. Following your consultation, you will receive advice on the best prescription for you. Armed with this information, you can then call one of the homeopathic pharmacies (see contact details below) to place your order, or order on-line.

First Response Homeopathy is a welcome addition to my own practise and I am excited about how many more people will access homeopathy as a result.

Homeopathy to a new-comer, or even someone who has used it for a while, can be daunting. With over 3000 possible remedies in our toolkit, our value as homeopaths comes from our knowledge of which remedies best match which specific symptoms. As each person presents a condition in a different way, with different feelings and emotions, the key is to find the best match (like a jigsaw puzzle). Doing this in the moment, can be confusing and that’s where instant access to our expertise will help.

Visit our website for further information or to book an acute appointment using this service, please click here.

Homeopathic pharmacies have been busier than ever during this current crisis, however they are committed to working with us and to get remedies sent out first class on the day of order (for orders placed before 1pm). The homeopathic pharmacies that we recommend are Helios and Ainsworths.

Home Remedy Kits

I often advise people that it is worth buying a remedy kit to have at home.

The kits have a selection of the most commonly called for remedies during acute conditions. This includes accidents, muscle strains, coughs and colds, stomach complaints, headaches through to grief and shock.

Having this to hand is fantastic because when you need a remedy it means that you don’t have to order it and wait for it to arrive. There are handy booklets included to help guide you, but if you wanted to speak to an experienced homeopath then simply book in with us either at First Response Homeopathy and we will help advise you. Or feel free to contact or book in with me directly

  • Click here to see the remedy kits available from Helios

  • Click here to see the remedy kits available from Ainsworths.

Our personal lock-down journey's and lessons

How often have we dreamt of the opportunity to spend more time together and to have more time off to get jobs/projects done around the home? The reality however, may have proved somewhat different. Initially I felt shell-shocked that suddenly our world shrank to the inside of our four walls. I was excited about the time ahead but felt completely overwhelmed by the bombardment of emails, social media posts and marketing campaigns everywhere, telling me all the things I could/should do during this time. In truth, all I wanted to do was press pause and breathe. In the end this is what I did.

Luckily for us, lock-down coincided with our children going on their Easter holidays and we embraced kicking a ball round the garden, playing cricket, walking our dog, going on runs and baking! The sunshine and warmer weather was incredible for April and I am convinced it was the planet showing us its beauty, when we stop polluting it so heavily, day in day out.

The last four weeks have been somewhat more challenging. Being thrown into home-schooling my children who are primary school age, has been more problematic than I ever could have anticipated. Juggling reading copious amounts of instructions, printing off endless sheets of paper, marking work, handing work in, and trying to answer questions about two different subjects simultaneously for two different age children, has seen me questioning who really is winning out of this situation.

I allowed myself to get caught up in trying to ensure everything is perfect for everyone all the time, and have learnt the hard way that this simply is not realistic. Coming through this situation as a happy, healthy and united family is more important to me than anything else. We still have challenging days, but are definitely striking a better balance now.

There are lots of websites with helpful advice if you are finding it difficult to keep calm during these times. Click here for one that you may find useful, and don't forget that homeopathy is wonderful for treating all kinds of emotional symptoms from panic attacks and anxiety, through to fear about health/disease. Please do get in touch if you would like more information.

Embracing a Simpler Life

Homeschooling aside, I have reflected on what has been positive for me about this lock-down situation. Whilst I can't wait to spend face-to-face time with my family and my friends again, I would like to not just resume my previous habits without embracing some worthwhile changes. Here are some of things I have been grateful for:

  1. Slower pace of life: The amount we are still doing during lock-down, emphasises to me how busy our lives really are. My aim after this will be to maintain a more balanced life which includes more rest.

  2. Less driving: I usually spend between 1-2 hours driving a day between school runs, clubs etc. Not doing this has been revolutionary and I have loved being more or less car free.

  3. More exercise: I have always enjoyed exercising, but often feel like I am trying to wedge it into small gaps in my day. I have loved having proper amounts of time and space to exercise. Doing it with my children has added an element of fun too!

  4. No children’s clubs! We enter into parenthood with the best of intentions at heart, but somehow our kids ended up committed to an endless amount of activities outside of school. The space that not having all of these clubs has created, has made me question if they really benefit anyone after all? I'm not saying they have to stop everything, but a bit more balance would definitely be good.

  5. Meal/Food Planning: It has reminded me of my early childhood, when our family would all go to the supermarket once a week and buy everything we needed. Modern life has meant that we frequently keep popping to the supermarket, instead of planning ahead. I've really enjoyed having well stocked cupboards with what we actually need, rather than thinking on the go about what we are having next. I'm sure we have saved quite a bit of money shopping this way too!

  6. Eating Together: We are eating all our meals together which has been brilliant. Not only less meals to prepare, but we are spending quality together. We have also challenged our children to eat the food that we enjoy (and normally cook and eat once they are in bed). Our favourite, go to cookbook at the moment is Ottenlenghi Simple. Whilst our children haven't loved everything, they have at least challenged their taste buds and absolutely loved some of the recipes for example; baked mint rice with pomegranate and olive salsa, tomato and bread salad with anchovies and capers, and orzo with prawns, tomato and marinated feta.

The Great Realisation

I am sure many of you will have seen this video clip called The Great Realisation: Hindsight 2020. If you haven't it is well worth a watch and is certainly food for thought:

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If I can be of any help to you, or indeed anyone you know please do get in touch, or feel free to pass is on to anyone you know who may be interested in finding out more about homeopathy. Referrals are always welcomed and I love to hear from people who are interested in finding out more. As always, I offer free 20 minute calls to anyone who simply wants to find out more. Or you can book in for an on-line appointment with me. In the meantime, I hope that have a good (and hopefully another sunny!) weekend.

Take care Gemma