Steps towards a Healthier You

Happy new year to you all! It already feels like Christmas is a distant memory and I hope that you have all settled into the new year well.

More than new year itself, I always feel like reaching the 21st December each year is a huge turning point for me. With winter solstice bringing the shortest day of the year and the promise of a return to more daylight hours, I feel I am moving back towards a happier, healthier me.

Our ancestors would have rested during this winter period and spent their times in caves painting amongst other sedentary activities. Our modern lives mean that we continue regardless of nature telling us to slow down. With many people operating with over-full plates this leads to a number of complaints including; insomnia, exhaustion, depression/sadness and restlessness.

So, what do I do to overcome this?

Discovering homeopathy was life changing for me and a wake-up call in terms of looking after my overall health. Homeopathy had made me feel so much better but how was I going to stay healthy and strong if my body was under-nourished and depleted?

I have been thinking about my routine and how over the last 5-6 years I have learnt many valuable lessons in caring for myself and my family. These include:

Eat Fresh and Healthy

My husband and I believe strongly in eating fresh produce. This means cooking all our meals from scratch. This might sound time-consuming, but we have learnt over the years which are the quick recipes to stick to during the week and which ones are better for the weekends when we have more time.

Recipes and ideas on how to use fresh produce have never been more available. My love of cooking with fresh fruit and vegetables came when I first visited the Ottolenghi restaurant in Islington. I loved the colour and variety of food available there so much that I bought his book as one of the first gifts to my now husband. Over 10 years on, we have all of his books and still use them for inspiration every week.

Drink plenty

I used to be someone that could get so absorbed in work that I could go for hours without even thinking about having something to drink. For the last few years, I’ve made more of an effort to drink more.

Every day I wake up and make a turmeric drink in which I put; cayenne pepper, ground ginger, turmeric, organic apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of Neal’s Yard Beauty Oil (a wonderful mix of hemp seed oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil and more). All of these I believe contribute towards a healthy immune system as well as being hydrating.

We always have a cup of green tea with breakfast and throughout the day wherever I go my reusable bottle of water comes with me!

Sleep Well

My sleep routine is fairly unchangeable. I absolutely know that my optimal number of hours sleep is 7-7.5 hours per night and without it I am a different person altogether. I avoid caffeine after midday and regularly exercise which I feel all contribute to my ability to sleep soundly.

As with my kids, I make sure that I don't look at any computers an hour before I go up to bed and I make sure that I always have a good book to read until it’s time for lights out.

Regular Exercising

It doesn’t mean running a marathon, instead just simply getting out of the house and getting our bodies moving brings about a wealth of health benefits.

We are designed for movement and the more we dedicate time for this, the better we feel. I always prioritise exercise because I know that I feel and sleep better as a result. Even on the days when it is not possible to exercise, simply walking our dog gives us a good dose of sunlight and gets us moving.

And breathe....

It sounds a bit daft because of course we all breathe, but when was the last time you stopped and breathed slowly and deeply without any other demands on your time?

Thanks to advice from my homeopath, I started using Headspace a year ago. This is an App on my phone to remind me to find some time to stop and just breath each day. This enables me to approach each day more calmly than I otherwise would.

Reduce toxins

Our bodies are bombarded with different variations of toxins every day. Last year, our family made a conscious effort to identify what products use and find ways of changing everything to reduce toxins.

The biggest change was that we switched all of our toiletry products to paraben-free products. From our kids soaps and deodorants through to all of our products we made changes. We also tied this in with reducing plastic usage, so we replaced all our liquid hand soaps, shower gels and shaving foams with bars of soaps.

We have been super impressed with the products that we have discovered. They make our skin feel really nice without inundating our bodies with unnecessary chemicals. Have a look at companies such as Big Green Smile who offer a wide variety of products.

Small changes can have a big long-lasting impact on our health, so just making a start is a positive step towards an improvement in your health.

Please contact me if you would like to find out more about how homeopathy can help you, I would love to hear from you.